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One day in Florida (USA), we were all sitting at the table playing traditional board game. We played over an hour, the game was cool, because there is always fun in board games. But we missed something, the game was slightly monotonous. Apart from moving players, nothing else worked. We lacked stronger emotions during the game. We started to wonder what could be done to make this type of game more attractive and interesting. And since we are a very creative family, we came up with the idea to create our own board games. We realized that such games are already out in the market. And what of it - we thought! In the end there is nothing better than ideas based on your own needs and desires. So we began a family creative process of thinking...


On the second day there were some interesting ideas, after a few days we had already drawn up the first game boards, more and more interesting solutions. Hundreds of saved and drawn paper sheets were on the desk every day. Every time someone came and gave some interesting idea. After 2 weeks, the first printed boards were created. Well, it was time for the tests, probably all of us impatiently waited. It worked... We played every day with breaks for meals, some sleepless nights, few missed days at school... During each game we watched what was going on, what action game and emotions takes place during the game, what is good, what is wrong and needs to be changed. And so after many tests and many notes, the final versions of 4 board games were created. We were very happy with the results of our work.


We started preparing the website and other materials. We created sets of playing cards, thanks to which, literally every game play is different and interesting. We decided to start with a set of cards that everyone can print at home. Why such solution? Because it is ideal if you think about it longer. Each of us already had many board games at home, each of us lost the cards, it was not possible to reproduce them. No one will ever buy the same games again just for 8 lost or destroyed cards.  And most importantly, if some set will be partially destroyed, you can always print it again. As you lose your cards, you just need to reprint those lost and you can enjoy the game again. You can even create your own cards with our ready-made templates, which can be helpful.


We also thought that we would create new cards every month, different sets, where everyone will find something for themselves. Even with one t-shirt board you will be able to use multiple sets of cards, so the game will not be  boring and monotonous. Each set of cards brings different, new emotions. We focus on creativity and learning through play. We hope our games open up to a fresh look at the world around us. Remember that spending time with loved ones, family or friends is invaluable if it is fun and joy.


So we invite you to join us!


Artur, Anetta, Michael and Philip

Creative T-Shirt Game Team


The main idea was to create such a game that will be funny, quick, will provide many stimuli during the game, and at the same time teach something new.  That's why we came up with the idea of doing it in such a way as to enrich not only the interesting symbols on the board, but also the game cards, which are also very important during each game.


We came up with a brilliant way to put the boards on the shirt. This way it became more unique. You can always pack it up, wherever you go. It's very capacious because it will easily fit in backpack or small bag. It will NEVER BReAK when folded and the best part is that you may wear it too. Isn't this great?






Creative Team of T-shirt Board Games
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